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Version: 10.7.3 
Release Date: 29-January-2024

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Credit Note issue resolve.
  • Currency in word issue resolve.
  • API calling certificate issue resolve.
  • Change email address for new domain.
  • Database connectivity issue fix in service application.
  • Changes in barcode setting.

Version: 10.7.2 
Release Date: 24-May-2023

  • Made transport document number and date field option in case of ROAD mode for E-way bill generation.
  • Locked same invoice processing multiple times from data import utility for E-Invoice and E-way bill generation.

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Changes in stock report to hide extra fields.
  • Invoice amounts round off changes.
  • Locked Duplicate IRN API calling from data import utility if invoice is more than 7 days old.
  • Invoice / voucher narration changes in print formats

Version: 10.7.1
Release Date: 29-July-2022

  • Free quantity field provided in sale

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Cancel E-Invoice, E-Way Bill via IRN, Get IRN detail by document API URL change

Version: 10.7 Release Date: 18-July-2022
  • Inserted option in setting for exporting no. of copies (Original, Duplicate and Triplicate) while generating E-Invoice for Sales and Outward-note prints
  • Option to hide custom fields and narration of item details
  • Inserted option in setting to allow duplicate item in inventory modules
To know more about new major feature in 10.7 click here Closed Issues & Suggestions
  • Changes in Balance sheet and Trading and P & L report
  • Inserted branch code in branch definition
  • Duplicate IRN fetching lock
  • Set character limit to 1000 characters in excel import format
  • Improvement in address details selection in transaction modules
  • Changes to export default print format of sale and outward note while generating IRN

Version: 10.6
Release Date: 24-May-2022

  • Option in setting to auto  populate voucher no in all transaction modules.
  • Option in setting to auto populate challan number based on sale invoice no. field in sales module.
  • Option to print original, duplicate & triplicate copies on single click in sale and inward-outward note print formats.
  • Inserted “Tax refund claim by customer” option in sales and inward-outward note for transaction related to SEZ customer with payment option.
  • Inserted company, branch & financial year selection dropdowns in “GST Selection” pop-up for invoicing tool.
  • Inserted new custom fields in item details of all transaction modules and its caption setting option in settings module.

To know more about new major feature in 10.6 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Improvements in data import utility and dashboard.
  • Inserted total of amount fields in footer for outstanding and general ledger report.
  • Create custom template for different client
  • Auto enable file-stream flags of SQL DB on application start-up.
  • Inserted TCS amount in footer for sale invoice print format and removed TCS record from item details.
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 10.5
Release Date: 28-April-2022

  • Invoice editing and cancellation related changes for E-Invoice and E-way bill
  • Transaction amount round-off on option as per setting
  • Show HSN fields in item details of transaction modules
  • Allowed same item with same godown multiple times in transaction modules
  • Allow voucher no editing in transaction modules
  • Integrated API to fetch E-Invoice details if IRN is already generated for the same invoice

To know more about new major feature in 10.5 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • TAX deductor GSTIN format changes in account definition and address detail form
  • Voucher no validations in voucher series and transaction modules
  • Display file error description in dashboard.
  • File is open under IN folder it is processed multiple times
  • Drag and Drop/Import File – PAN Validation
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 10.4
Release Date: 13-April-2022

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Removed mask from E-mail address field in branch and account definition
  • Removed mask from VPA address in branch definition
  • Made account number alpha-numeric in branch definition
  • Printed dispatch from and delivery address details in E-way bill print format
  • Printed Sales tax invoice in case of Exempt voucher
  • Inserted voucher series module in invoicing tool
  • Inserted buttons in branch definition to view E-invoice and E-way bill credential as plain-text
  • Changes require in FaceTask.exe to resolve issue for processing after PC goes to sleep mode.
  • Invoicing tool folder rights issue in generating output/Error/Invalid file with normal user.
  • FaceTask.exe start/Stop check.(sometime it is not working from settings module)
  • Set everyone user rights for files and Log folder when application run as admin.
  • Duplicate item issue in data import when field mapping is configured.
  • Inserted “Data Import Utility” button in utility tab of FACE
  • Inserted E-Invoice QR code in outward note
  • Godown state selection changes in godown definition

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 10.3
Release Date: 01-April-2022

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 10.2
Release Date: 29-March-2022

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 10.1
Release Date: 25-March-2022

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Bug fixing and other improvements.
Version: 10.0 Release Date: 22-March-2022
  • Changes in print formats with batch details, Print batch details on option
  • Unit conversion in stock take module
  • RCM details in RCM report
  • Journal adjustment option in bill-to-bill payment and receipt entries
  • Option to export E-Invoice and E-way bill JSON only from module and report
  • Changes in purchase order, purchase and inward – outward note print formats for address printing
To know more about new major feature in 10.0 click here Closed Issues & Suggestions
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

Version: 9.0
Release Date: 17-August-2021

  • Dynamic print templates for Purchase Order, Purchase, Sale Order, Sale, Delivery Challan, Inward – Outward Notes, Journal, Payment, Receipt
  • Inserted account selection option in custom print template module for creating customer or supplier specific print template.
  • Inserted invoice or voucher print option in all transaction report
  • Inserted 5 custom fields in account definition, item definition and all transaction modules header.
  • Inserted transaction related custom fields selection option in transaction reports.
  • Inserted export to Excel option in GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B
  • Created new “Item Sale Summary Report” and “Misc Report”
  • Inserted option in inward – outward notes module to create note with single or multiple or no invoice selection
  • Inserted global “Transaction Search” functionality (Press Ctrl+T to access this form)
  • “Go-to” option for transaction modules

To know more about new major feature in 9.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Increased item name and item description length to allow 100 characters.
  • Solved speed issue of logo and signature loading in cloud version.
  • Update import module for Account & Item definition
  • Implement audit log functionality in other new modules.
  • Improvements in job-work and other modules
  • Moved differential percentage field from item level to transaction header level
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.
Version: 8.0 Release Date: 26-May-2021
  • Inserted export attachments option and voucher narration field in transaction reports
  • Dynamic print format for SALE invoice
  • General ledger voucher no grouping on option
  • Enhanced audit trail report with drill down to transaction feature
  • Inserted batch adjustment option in stock transfer module and print format
  • Inserted in cost center class in cost center master and adjustment option
  • Made batch-no and packing-no field’s caption custom for outward related modules from setting module
  • Option to derive sale rate for sale transaction in setting
  • Print dispatch from the address in sale invoice print format (GST and Non-GST)
To know more about new major feature in 8.0 click here Closed Issues & Suggestions
  • Changed place of supply code from 99 to 96 for ‘Other Country’.
  • Import FACE Purchase, Credit Note and Debit Note entry from Face Import Utility
  • Improved bill to bill adjustment and outstanding report speed
  • Made account address fields non-mandatory as per setting.
  • Qty field visibility in voucher series module for service invoice type (Sale only)
  • GSTR-1 And GSTR-3B changes as per government portal JSON schema.
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 7.1
Release Date : 02-Apr-2021

  • “Daily Cash & Bank Report” format change for amount fields.
  • “Transaction Amount Round Off Require” option in setting module, To round-off inventory related invoice or voucher amount on option.
  • Packing field in item definition
  • Set maker – checker status to approved for “Challan Reversal JV” and “Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss JV”.
  • Set maker – checker status as per setting for “Cash Payment / Receipt JV”, “Reversal of ITC JV” and “TCS Adjustment JV”.
  • Inserted “Cancelled” field in “E-Invoice & E-Way Bill Report” to show cancelled invoices in report.
  • Other improvements

Version : 7.0
Release Date : 24-March-2021

  • Batch option in item opening stock
  • Changes in barcode setting form to generate QR code & Barcode both
  • Changes in stock take module to add the item name
  • Quarterly filing option in GSTR-1 and GSTR-4
  • Maker checker
  • Performa Invoice

To know more about new major feature in 7.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Changes in transaction form for selecting POS in case of GSTIN is empty.
  • Generate dynamic QRCode for B2C transaction
  • Model number field in item definition and sale invoice print
  • Add MRP field in Item definition and provide print option in setting.
  • Make changes in print format.
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 6.0
Release Date : 23-Feb-2021

  • Add option for inserting and adjusting batch details
  • Batch Details – Insert new options in setting form
  • Changes in purchase, sale, delivery challan and CD note prints for showing batch details
  • Changes in general ledger and trial balance
  • Batch status report
  • Merge E-Invoice and E-Way bill forms
  • Create new report for E-Invoice and E-Way bill bulk generate and cancellation
  • Add option in setting for 2A reconciliation round off
  • Changes in GSTR-1 and Transaction form
  • In stock report -> stock summary and negative stock option, Add form to show transaction details of closing qty calculated
  • Add print option in sale order
  • Make trading and p & l report group wise

To know more about new major feature in 6.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Same voucher number can exists in different financial year
  • Records with Purpose DUMP – taking too much time to come to status Processed from Processing (Infinite loop)
  • Records stays in Processing status only if Branch GSTIN is blank
  • Import file data with EINV/EWB purpose are not generating PDF files
  • User is not able to receive emails while importing sale voucher from Sale Utility
  • Merged form of E-Invoice and E-Way bill is cutting on right side and not completely visible
  • Changes in Stock take and Barcode setting form
  • Outstanding report account opening not showing properly
  • Changes in print formats and costing detail report
  • Import FACE sale entry from excel
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 5.0
Release Date : 17-Dec-2020

  • TCS calculation with Auto JV
  • Barcode Printing : Add “Item Price” in field name drop down and also in Report tab grid. Price column should display item sale value in report tab grid and it should be editable.
  • Add Voucher no. field and export button in Bank reconciliation module
  • Auto reference no generation in payment-receipt module
  • Allow option to select financial year dates other than Indian accounting date range
  • Cloud Performance improvement
  • Stock Take Module
  • Stock Take Report
  • Add document attachment option in account definition
  • Add item opening stock insertion option in item definition main screen
  • Help tab in import master formats
  • FACE walk-through on dashboard

To know more about new major feature in 5.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  •  Remove cancelled invoice or voucher related field values from total from all reports
  • Display “Dr” and “Cr” instead of “D” and “C” for showing “Debit” and “Credit” effect
  • Replace “Ok” button’s caption to “Save” in all master and transaction modules
  • Set Transaction tab as active when user login to FACE
  • Open all transaction forms in add mode by default
  • Add payment – receipt type in payment – receipt report
  • Change label from “Order Details” to “Order Selection” in purchase order and sale order form
  • Fetch basic company and branch details from API like GSTIN, PAN, Registration Type etc.
  • E-Invoice validations in FACE masters
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

Version : 4.1
Release Date : 05-Nov-2020

  • Inserted E-Way bill related fields in stock transfer print format.
  • Moved E-Invoice credential from company definition to branch definition.
  • New E-Invoice status report.
  • Inserted PDF filter option in all print formats and made it default for export option.
  • Other improvement

To know more about new major feature in 4.1 click here

Version : 4.0
Release Date : 27-Oct-2020

  • Common ledger for sundry debtor & creditor
  • Auto mail for ‘General Ledger’ & ‘Outstanding’ report
  • Auto barcode number generation option in ‘Item Definition’ module
  • Barcode designing and printing module
  • Back dated insert, edit and delete action locking in all transaction modules
  • Allow stock transfer between inter-branch godowns
  • New stock transfer print format

To know more about new major feature in 4.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Inserted bank’s branch name column in account & branch master
  • Inserted branch’s email & bank’s branch name in all print formats header as per client suggestion
  • Import format improvements and Non-GST data locking
  • GSTR-3B JSON upload issue resolved
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

Version : 3.1
Release Date : 04-Aug-2020

  • Item opening import from Excel option
  • Purchase print format bug solved
  • Backup – Restore DB issue resolved

Version : 3.0
Release Date : 29-June-2020

  • Non-GST accounting
  • Unadjusted Foreign Transaction Report
  • Multiple financial year selection in reports
  • Currency conversion option in Balance sheet and Trading and P & L Report
  • Face To Face Import
  • Forget password option in login form
  • Print format correction

To know more about new major feature in 3.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Changes in report format
  • Bug Fixing
  • Miscellaneous necessary changes within different modules

Version : 2.0
Release Date : 11-February-2020

  • Multi Company accounting.
  • Multi Branch accounting
  • Multi – Currency.
  • Unit Conversion.
  • Delivery Challan.
  • Day book.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Addition of new reports.
  • Help Manual Upgradation.
  • FACE update reminder and option of download within application.

To know more about new major feature in 2.0 click here

Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Upgradation of Journal entries and adjustments.
  • Changes in report structure.
  • Changes in cheque reconciliation format.
  • Changes in default group definition.
  • GST return accuracy.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Changes in printing, export and display formats.
  • Miscellaneous necessary changes within different modules

Version : 1.0
Release Date : 1-June-2019

  • Initial Release of Cygent Face
  • Provided advance functionality for free